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Smart Investing Series

This series is designed to help investors of all experience levels from first-time investors to seasoned professionals. History shows that long-term investors have the best potential to be successful in meeting investment goals. With a focus on long-term investing, the tools and tips in this series can help provide beneficial investment knowledge.

A Balanced Approach

Combining stocks and bonds can lead to increased returns and decreased volatility. download [pdf]

A Case for Common Stocks

A retrospective of the past 3+ decades. download [pdf]

Buy and Hold

Riding out the markets rough periods can prove to be fruitful. download [pdf]

Capital Gains Q&A

Commonly asked questions about capital gain distributions. download [pdf]

Diversify Your Portfolio

A sound investment plan should involve multiple asset classes. download [pdf]

Education: Investing for College

Investment vehicles for college education. download [pdf]

Finding the Right Mix

How different combinations of investments have performed over time. download [pdf]

George’s Gems

Time‐tested guidelines based on over 40 years of investment experience. download [pdf]

Get A Head Start

The power of compounding can be the best friend of a long‐term investor. download [pdf]

Going Global

Reasons to consider investing outside of the U.S. download [pdf]

Historical Diversification

The importance of properly diversifying a portfolio. download [pdf]

Ignore the Headlines

Why you should focus on the long‐term. download [pdf]

Morally Responsible Investing

Don’t compromise your values in pursuit of investment returns. download [pdf]

Patience Rewarded

Short‐term thinking can be detrimental to long‐term success. download [pdf]

Small, Medium or Large?

Do you really need stocks of different sizes? download [pdf]

Systematic Investing

Consistent investing may help you reach your goals. download [pdf]

The Importance of Dividends

Dividend-paying stocks can play a vital role in meeting long-term goals. download [pdf]

Think Twice

A helpful acronym for investors of all experience levels. download [pdf]