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Prospectus & Reports

Ave Maria Mutual Funds Prospectus [PDF]
Money Market Account Prospectus [PDF]

Current Shareholder Reports
2014 Annual Report [PDF]
2014 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]
Past Shareholder Reports

2013 Annual Report [PDF]
2013 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2012 Annual Report [PDF]
2012 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2011 Annual Report [PDF]
2011 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2010 Annual Report [PDF]
2010 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2009 Annual Report [PDF]
2009 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2008 Annual Report [PDF]
2008 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2007 Annual Report [PDF]
2007 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2006 Annual Report [PDF]
2006 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2005 Annual Report [PDF]
2005 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2004 Annual Report [PDF]
2004 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2003 Annual Report [PDF]
2003 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2002 Annual Report [PDF]
2002 Semi-Annual Report [PDF]

2001 Annual Report [PDF]

Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

Ave Maria SAI [PDF]

XBRL Documents

2015 XBRL Files [ZIP]

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